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3.3.2 What is collective licensing of copyright material?
In many cases copyright owners have found it difficult or inconvenient to license use of their works themselves.  To solve the problem they have formed collecting societies or collective licensing bodies. These recognized non-profit making organisations license certain uses of their works on their behalf.
Collective licensing means that a user may be offered a blanket licence covering use of all the repertoire of the collecting society. This also benefits users as they do not need to negotiate a large number of individual licences. 
As collecting societies may effectively be in a monopoly position for some uses of copyright material an independent tribunal, the Copyright Tribunal, exists to adjudicate where the collecting society and users or groups representing users fail to agree the terms and conditions of a licensing scheme. 
You should review the terms and conditions offered a collecting society carefully before committing. 
Most collecting societies have Internet sites.  Searching the Internet is a good place to start looking for a collecting society which is appropriate for your needs. 
Information current as at 12 September 2005.