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JISC Steeple Benefits Realisation

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Based on outputs of the Steeple project, this project explores specialised knowledge for supporting effective use of audio and video materials using new technologies. These emerging technologies streamline complex audio-visual encoding activities which will reduce the burden placed on departmental support services by demands for institution-wide podcasting services.

The Steeple project itself was conceived among a group of early adopters of institutional podcasting. Since the start of the Steeple project there have been very rapid developments within the UK HEI community, leading to widespread interest in the adoption of institutional podcasting. The Steeple project has therefore attracted strong interest within the wider UK HEI community, leading to request for support through workshops, further documentation, and for help in adoption of Steeple tools.  A number of HEIs asked for detailed advice on technology and policy, and visited the Steeple sites for workshops and consultations, and/or engaged in sustained email conversations.

Steeple BR will seek to address the issue of community support, making Steeple outputs available and working towards creating a sustainable community of interest in the UK. It is a key component of this project to engage with institutions (both those already in contact with Steeple, and new ones) through outreach visits and calls to understand their requirements, to explore the challenges, blockers and opportunities as regards institutional podcasting for them, and to determine the way in which the Steeple outputs can be of benefit to them.