Oszkar Nagy
50% Designer / 50% Developer - 100% Hungarian

Every developer needs to understand how to communicate with the designer they work with, and every designer needs to understand what that developer is asking them for. Unfortunately this is more complicated than it should be, since each field has a different language, leading to frustrating misunderstandings and wasted time. CARET is lucky to have Oszkar, who with his dual skills as a designer and a coder provides a bridge between those two cultures. Oszkar’s first degree was an unusual combination of English and Computing and his postgrad focused on user interface design in games.

Working on the Academic Networking project was a great start for Oszkar, along with Tjhien he worked with Flow Interactive several months developing ways to bring commercial practices of user centred design to higher education. Oszkar also contributes to the front end workings and design of Sakai. As well as his formal work in CARET Oszkar also took on the role of mentor to many of our summer students and helped to make their experience at CARET much richer.

Prior to working at CARET Oszkar lived and worked in London producing language learning materials; his company also worked on non-profit resources for Africa. This philanthropic streak continued when Oszkar and some of his colleagues set up Mayamiko. The charity aims to help African women by building a cotton factory and teaching them sewing and weaving skills. They also plan to set up a nursery beside the factory allowing women the freedom to work outside the home and create a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

Oszkar describes himself as the biggest AC/DC fan on earth, he plays guitar and is interested in the arts. He also makes an incredible Gulyás.

Contact Details

oszkar @ caret.cam.ac.uk

01223 (7)65380

1st Floor, 16 Mill Lane

The Mayamiko Trust -  http://mayamiko.org/